SocBlue A810 – voor iPhone


Gebruik 3 simkaarten in je iPhone of Android toestel met een SocBlue Dual Sim adapter.
Speciaal ontwikkeld voor je iPhone of Android toestel …



Alle smartphones (HTC, Samsung, Motorola, etc) and iPhones use SIM cards, but often they can only accommodate one SIM at a time.

SocBlue A810 allows you to have a second and third SIM card active on your phone.

Do you have more than one SIM? Do you travel frequently and have to swap between local SIMs, or carry an extra phone?

Now you don’t have to. For the first time you can transform your phone into a Dual SIM phone with dual standby – two active SIMs.

That means two accounts active at the same time on your favorite smartphone, maintaining a single phone book, SMS, call logs, etc. It’s as simple as that!

Turn your iPod Touch into an iPhone

Users of iPod Touch can connect to SocBlue and automatically enable all iPhone features, with the addition of voice calls and sms via SocBlue’s GPRS/EDGE.

An iPod Touch costs much less than an iPhone and in most cases users will never need to sign a contract with a carrier.

Simply insert any GSM SIM card and turn your iPod Touch into an iPhone.

For iPad or Android Pad Users…

Users of Apple iPad and numerous Android Pads such as Xoom or Galaxy can link with SocBlue for voice and sms.

Most Pad users only buy the WiFi option, since 3G costs much more. But WiFi Pads cant be used everywhere, e.g. on buses, in subways, parks, etc. Now with SocBlue, all Pad users can make phone calls and send texts anywhere.

Hidden Power

SocBlue is the smallest, thinnest, lightest, most portable companion device we’ve ever sold. It communicates with your phone via Bluetooth within a 15m range, so you can hide it in a pocket or bag.

SocBlue’s longlasting battery is rechargeable by USB.

Eenvoudig in Gebruik

SocBlue is easy to use. Simply insert your second and third SIM into the SocBlue. Then install SocBlue’s app on your phone. And that’s it: your phone is now a Triple SIM phone, with all your SIMs active at the same time.

When making calls or texts, simply select which SIM to use: your phone SIM, or your SocBlue SIM. SocBlue will indicate which SIM is in use. SocBlue also indicates on which SIM incoming calls are made to.

Includes 1 year manufacturer warranty

NB – iOS devices must be jailbroken. Works with almost all Android smartphones and Apple iOS products.